Wolff’s Law

Bone Broke

Ever heard the phrase “use it or lose it”? That pithy phrase encapsulates Wolff’s law, an anatomical rule that describes how bone grows and changes over time. The law was developed by German surgeon Julius Wolff, whose name you will now always remember due to the clever visual pun embedded subtly in the portrait below.

Visual puns mean that you will not forget his nameIn essence, Wolff’s Law states that bone is added where there is a demand for it and removed where there is not. As White summarizes in his Human Osteology glossary, “bone is laid down where it is needed and resorbed where not needed” (2000: 53). Roberts and Manchester go into slightly more detail:

“Of particular relevance generally to occupationally induced changes in the skeleton was the law proposed in AD 1892 by a German anatomist Julius Wolff, known as ‘Wolff’s law of transformation’, which stated that bone will adapt to functional pressure or force by increasing or decreasing its…

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